The “Avaton”
In the “Avaton”, therapeutic body massage: a) Whole body b) For the lymphatic system c) Combination of reiki and massage etc. & “Massage” and cosmetic facial treatment: a) Therapeutic b) Special technique (using the fingertips) to relieve stress and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines etc.
Hairstyling and nail care.
The “Reception”
We are not sure whether the term “reception” is suitable for the created like art gallery space of Leone. We do know though that each of its elements is carefully chosen and placed, not for waiting, but for enjoying your time there. We won't be surprised if you wish to wander around the Leone “reception” space.
Reception (Opening Hours 08.00- 22.00)
The breakfast
The breakfast of Leone awakens your imagination. Something new, made with fresh mediterranean and local ingredients from the Argolic plains, will be presented to you every morning at Leone buffet, rich in flavour and nutrition delicacies.
Breakfast is served from 08.00 until 10.00 hours. 
Free Benefits
The linen are high quality cotton, of minimalist aesthetics and they are replaced daily. Baby cot and high-chair available for babies. The breakfast, water and espresso coffee in the rooms are included in the price.